Why Aerating Your Lawn Is Always Essential

It is a long-standing tradition in many a well-adjusted suburban neighborhood with lawns and gardens and neat sidewalks. The results are there for all to see. The roads are clean and mostly quiet. If children do not have their parks to play in, these days, they seem to prefer to spend more time indoors playing games. Life is not a game that much we know. Most well-adjusted suburbanites who own their own homes know this much. They pay their mortgages, monthly bills and taxes on time.

They also do everything within their power to ensure that their property is in good condition. This also helps to improve the value of their home, should they ever decide to sell and move on. The traditions of these folks, so pleasing to see; take down the trash on time and make sure the lawn is mowed every other weekend. The most gung-ho of gardeners will be sacrificing more time in this space than in any other area of the home.

Guys sometimes scratch their heads wondering why their lawns don’t always look so perfect and green. They missed the lesson that said that they should not cut so finely to the roots. Also, it has never been necessary to plunge the lawn with so much water. That’s not going to make the grass grow any greener. What will, however, help to keep the lawn green and fertile is good lawn care aeration. Just a simple, gentle push with a fork in straight lines across the entire length of the lawn begins the process of allowing enough vents on the surface for the sun’s rays to penetrate.

lawn care aeration

No gaping holes to be seen, but more than enough space for oxygen and moisture to penetrate and allow the grass’s roots to remain fertile.