What Would You Think About Adding Personalized Coffee Mugs To Your Store’s Shelves?

personalized latte mugs

When we think about personalizing material effects, we think about what impression can be given to small, precocious items used and jealously guarded on a regular basis. In the domestic kitchen, it has always been this way. In a rush to get off to work in time, folks make a grab for their favorite mug which no-one other than them will be using. You get that folks will hoard a chipped mug for years before replacing it.

Little growing kids are given an early introduction to the world of what’s his is his, and what’s hers is hers, and especially what’s mine is mine. Their plastic mug is lettered precisely to resemble their given name. They learn at an early age to identify their own name. Before rushing off to prep school, they can even pencil their own name on a rough drawing which will have pride of place on the kitchen’s refrigerator.

Then there are those folks who are lucky enough to have more than enough time to grab their favorite latte at their regular coffee shop, and think about the day ahead of them while they grab a few lines of the morning edition. But have you noticed how some of those regulars take exception to being given a different mug on a morning. Keep your customers, don’t lose them and give them their own personalized latte mugs why don’t you.

Surprise them, one by one, one fine morning, and have a chat with them about this idea. By now you know their names so why not give them a bear hug of a surprise and give them their very own mug right away. You’ll be in business for a long time when you give folks the personal touch.