The Beauty Of Red Oak

White oak is possible too, but that is an entirely different d├ęcor matter. As a home remodeling purist, you will be insisting on the best possible materials available for your project. In keeping with your heritage and longstanding cultural traditions, you might also wish to insist upon continuing with wood. If it is quality that you are after, you will know that this home remodeling project may not be cheap. If you are not using oak at this time, you may be using teak.

red oak planks

The point is, you are using rich wood which due to the high price paid on its value to nature and society is being provided to you as sustainably as possible. Your original teak and oak cannot be sourced from indigenous natural floors that have been razed. It would be unethical. When relaying your home’s floors, red oak planks may be better, because at least then you can still enjoy the pleasurable features of the natural grains of oak.

Overlapping an oak floor with white wood paint may be overstepping it. It would be an utter hypocrisy to the home remodeling purist and nature lover. Use a lacquered, rough finish of white in your bathroom rather. You preserve a touch of the rustic or country life in this way. You may also be using pine or a softer wood in this instance because the regular steam from hot water cylinders will tarnish superior wood.

That would be costly. The red oak planks in your living room are already conjuring up images of the bohemian life. But if this is not your palate, that is still alright. The use of the red oak entices you towards a challenge to building on bold and imposing foundations, or softer, gentler hues.