How to Get Rid of Mice

A mice infestation inside the home is certainly something that you do not want to experience, however, even the cleanest of people can unexpectedly find this a problem of concern. Knowing how to respond to a mice infestation can certainly alleviate some of the stress of the sighting and help you gain control of the problem quickly.

First, calling a pest control prince frederick md professional is important. Professionals have the tricks and techniques that work to alleviate mice from your home quickly. In addition to eliminating mice and their nests, pest control professionals can also seal of mice holes from which the pests gain entry. The sooner that you call a pest control professional, the better because mice multiply quickly, leaving you susceptible to a major problem very quickly.

While you await the pest control professionals to come to your home to treat the mice infestation, there’s a few short-term solutions that may give you back some of your sanity during the process. Try one or more of these tips to get mice out of your life quickly.

·    Aluminum foil is great to seal off mice entry points. The sound is one the pests do not like and will avoid at all costs.

·    Scented dryer sheets can also provide a short-term solution to a mouse problem. Place dryer sheets into entry points or other areas where you’ve spotted mice. The smell will steer them away. Be careful with this trick, however, as the mice may use it as bedding/nesting when the smell deteriorates.

·    Remove any potential food sources from your home. Remember, a mouse can spot even a tiny crumb of food!

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·    Mouse deterrent sprays are available at local home improvement stores, or you can make your own using a few simple ingredients like pepper flakes and habanero peppers. Pest noise repellents may also send mice running in the other direction.